Our purpose built kennels vary in size to accommodate all breeds and sizes. We have kennels which enable us to look after families of dogs together in one large kennel. Each kennel has both an inside area with an heater ( on all day and night in the colder months) and an enclosed outside run , so your dog will have access to both the warmth of inside or the fresh air outside. All dogs are walked on flexi leads a minimum of 3 times a day. Playful and sociable dogs are encouraged to enjoy play activities throughout the day, especially puppies. The playtime gives us as an ideal opportunity to get to know your dog better and their unique ways to ensure they have the best stay possible.

We feed twice daily. If your dog requires more or less feeds please let us know. We stock 90% of regular dog food, if your dog has any special dietery requirements we are happy to accomodate them but you will need to bring it with you. We do not supply any raw feeds. We provide everything that your dog needs during its stay. Beds, blankets, bowls, treats, toys etc.

All boarding dogs should have up to date vaccination certificates including kennel cough.

A full kennel clean each morning with Trigene disinfectant of the kennels insures the kennel is clean and germ free. A complete deep clean is carried out between boarders to maintain a high standard of hygiene.

Our kennels are purpose built to the highest standards, each kennel having access to its own covered outside exercise area. When the temperature falls – our canine guests each have their own heated bedroom, which is regulated by a thermostat. There are a variety of sizes of kennels so we can accommodate all sizes of dogs. We also have kennels designed for families of dogs to share, so your dogs don't have to be separated unless you request it.


All the dogs are walked on our extender leads at least twice a day in our field. Many kennels will tell you they do this, "We Really Do". Our team of dedicated staff are committed to your pet's happiness and their welfare is our primary concern.

We provide everything that your dog will need during the stay. Beds, bedding, toys. We also have a vet on 24 hour stand by all year and we are happy to administer medications.

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